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What Obama And Hitler Have In Common

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Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia.

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barack Obama speaking at a rally at the Univer...

What Obama and Hitler have in common:

Both angry but brilliant speakers

Both came from obscurity with fabricated pasts and sealed records

Both are community organizers

Both are socialists with ties to union and radical groups

Both are opportunists that took a bad economic situation to their favor

Both use anger and hate as primary motivator one towards the jews the other to the white Christian Conservative.

Both promised to take care of every need of the people

Both use propaganda and vilify their opponents

Both use boycott tactics on businesses to support them

Both dismantle their form of Government (Constitution)

Both appeal to the younger crowd both identify the target and turn it into the evil and the reason (blame others)

Both spy on the citizens both turn father against son, brother against brother

Both eliminate their opponents

Both eliminate the rights and freedoms of people

Both mandate behaviors on the citizens or else

Both mandated national ID papers

Both seek to disarm citizens, one did it and killed millions, the other one is about to remove the 2nd. Amendment right to bear arms

We know how one ended, the other one is yet to be written….


2 Responses

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  1. As you have so demonstrated, Obama and Hitler are similar in mentality and intelligence, misguided as they may be, we have to be very observant and public about all suspicious talk and activities. Lets hope that we don’t see any of Mao Tse Tungs traits come to the surface.


    April 11, 2012 at 4:57 pm

  2. […] What Obama And Hitler Have In Common ( […]

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